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Dominique posted this 29 March 2016

Here you find a collection of known Issues, Problems and Bugs on which we are currently working. Please feel free to post in this category, if you find new ones. We will work on the new issues as soon as possible and reasonable.

Have fun! Best regards Dominique

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Dominique posted this 13 May 2016

OPMONis was not supporting the free verisions of ESXi Hypervisor. After the new release it now does.

Have fun! Best regards Dominique

NorCalTechSupport posted this 01 February 2017

Good morning OPMONis.

How does OPMONis shutdown the Free ESXi 5.5 host? 

Can we change the command that is given?  I have a command that will gracefully shutdown all VMs and then power off the host.

Is there a way to SSH into other devices such as a SAN and issue a shutdown command??? Please say yes.  Also a 10 minute delay would be nice for items like the SAN as it will definately be busy writing data when a couple of dozen VMs all say good night.

I would love it if your website or manual had some pictures.  What is a battery supposed to look like? WMI?

Bernd posted this 02 February 2017

OPMONis is using SSH to control the free ESXi hypervisor. These SSH commands can not be changed for the moment.

If you want to manage other devices using SSH you can select "Linux" as the device type. This allows you to edit the SSH command string executed to trigger the shutdown. (YES :-) ). There are placesholders for username and password so you do not have to enter these values in plain text into the SSH statement. But nevertheless the complete SSH statement is stored enrypted (like the passwords).

Thanks for the tip about timeouts. We plan to add a timeout setting in the next version so you will be able to adjust the timeout for your needs.

We will continue to impove our homepage and are really happy about any feedback. I will forward your request about more information especially about WMI and batteries.




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