New version 1.3.2 of OPMONis is available.
(Download here:

This release brings the following changes:

  • Bug fix: Log files are not fully persisted to disk because of missing flush operation.
  • Bug fix: Shutdown of local system by WMI failed with exception "Privilege not held." because of wrong windows service logon account. The OPMONis windows service is now running as "Local System" instead of "Network Service".
  • Bug fix: Shutdown of Windows systems via WMI blocks until operation is complete even if "Await Execution" is deselected.
  • Bug fix: Shutdown of Windows system via WMI is performed by "Power Off" insted of "Shutdown" to avoid installation of pending windows updates while shutting down.


Information about licensing and pricing can be found here:

We are looking forward to protect your systems against a power blackout.


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